The Trip Home

This will be a dull blog entry. Only so much you can say about sitting on a plane or sitting on a bus, right? LOL 

Dave and I were up early at 4:30 to get to Edinburgh airport and catch our flight to London. Everything went smoothly and we had some time to spare at Healthrow which was nice for a change. 

The flight from Heathrow to Boston though was delayed slightly because the tractor that pulls/pushes the plane away from the terminal broke down. It seems we had to wait forever for a new tractor to arrive, then we were on our way. 

The landing was a little odd feeling in Boston. We’re pretty sure it’s the one large bag we had that was marked “HEAVY!” that threw the plane off to one side. We lost 5 hours during the flight. 

We had a bit of a wait for the bus to Portland but it felt great to stand and get some fresh air after the flight. The bus arrived and the drive north on the I-95 began. We had a bus change in Portland, then arrived in Augusta around 8 p.m. Our bodies were telling us it was one in the morning Scottish time. Zzzzz….. 

Dave called for a taxi and upon arrival at the house, the first thing we noticed was the height of the grass in the lawn and the level of the stream. Wow! We’ve had some rain while we were gone. 

The house was safe and sound, I gave my mom a call and it was off to bed for us with wonderful memories of our trip to York and Scotland running through out heads. It was a whirlwind trip filled with many adventures, sites and sounds we’ll never forget…and we have the thousands of photos to prove it! 🙂 

Thanks for reading!

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