Landscapes and a Claw Foot Tub!

The weather Gods were smiling on us today! Sunny, light winds and no rain. Just perfect! Our morning started out with that fantastic view from Dailanna House, a tasty breakfast and a day will with delightful surprises and scenery.

The drive from Glenfinnan to Mallaig was filled with everything from the beautiful White Sands of Morar to helping a lost dog.

The striking white sands of Morar were the perfect foil to all of the heather, ferns, and grasses that hadn’t yet greened up with new growth for 2013. I immediately took my shoes off and did little beach combing. I did NOT stick my toes in the water. The sand was much cooler than I was expecting so I wasn’t about to “test the waters” so to speak.

As we were getting ready to leave, an adorable sheepdog came trotting to us and didn’t seem to belong anywhere. Helen was smart enough to look at his tags on collar and his name was Spot (was expecting something a wee big more Scottish) and he belonged to the Hendersons. Helen decided to call them to see if they were missing a dog…they were and said they’d be down in 5 minutes to pick spot us. So, we took turns holding his collar so he wouldn’t run off again. Mr. Henderson arrived and thanked us and Operation Spot was complete!

We then caught the short ferry ride from Malaig to Armadale. The winds were howling on board and I ended up going inside for most of it because it was quite cold, but it was uneventful except for the fact almost everyone with a alarm on their car had it going off at one point or another.

After landing on Skye and driving off the ferry, we started the most amazing trek on the island along the island then up and around the Trotternish peninsula. Each bend in the road created a new landscape of color, texture, and scale. We’ve never seen anything like it and Helen loves to share that beauty with people. Her excited adds to our excitement.

Skye has everything: rolling hills, grassy moors, jagged rocks, peat-filled fields, sparkling lochs, soaring mountains and of course, the ocean. There was almost too much to look at. Either side of the car produced a series of little stories. Helen put in a CD of music of Robert Burns sung by Eddi Reader. She has an amazing voice and Robbie Burn’s words set to modern, Celtic music is beautiful. I hope to download if from iTunes at some point.

We continued past the Old Man of Storr – an amazing rock formation high up in a cliff. Speaking of cliffs, we stopped atop a very windy cliff top to view the waterfalls and the rock formation at Kilt Rock. The power and and beauty of the rocks and the water in that area is breathtaking. And their signs warning of impending danger, struck me funny.

Dave and I asked Helen to pull over in several locations, We both wanted to get photos of those ever-prevalent sheep and some of the newest member to the moor, those baby lambs. Soooo cute! Helen travels with a small, white stuffed sheep given to her by a customer and she travels wi it and take photos of her in many locations. Called Morag, she has kind of become a sort of mascot this trip, putting in many appearances.

We stopped to see croft houses and the spectacular ruins of Duntulm Castle at the very tip of Trotternish Peninsula. Again, just more beauty and with some super weather. We’ve been very blessed.

Our final surprise was to appear at a fairy tale room at Viewfield House in Portree. Helen had recommend we stay there and Dave booked the room. We had no idea it would be as grand as it was. Two fireplaces, fantastic views of harbor, large antique furniture pieces and a claw foot tub in the very large bathroom. Jaw dropping and delightful all the way around. Hugh MacDonald, owner and host, met us and helped with our bags.

We then met with Helen and had dinner down overlooking the colorful little Portree harbor at the Rosemont Hotel & Restaurant. An excellent meal! Dave even tried the local whiskey, Talisker. He enjoyed it.

Helen dropped us off, then went to her B&B, the. Dave and I asked Hugh for a night cap. We ordered up two Drambuie and took them up to our room where we promptly, and FINALLY were able to have a drink and a toast Scotland…IN Scotland.

Of course I took a bath in the claw foot tub too, are you kidding me? How could I not.

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